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Translation services come in many forms. As a blanket term, it covers translation, which is the conversion of text from one language to another, and interpretation, which is the the conversion of spoken words from one language into another. Interpretation itself has several forms: consecutive, simultaneous, and over-the-phone.

What is an Over-the-Phone Interpreter?

An over-the-phone interpreter is a translation services professional who assists clients in conducting phone calls to foreign language speaking individuals. Using a three way call, the over-the-phone interpreter facilitates a conversation between the other two parties. You speak, the interpreter translates; your third party contact replies, and the interpreter tells you what they said.

It’s similar to consecutive interpretation, and plays an important role in the conduct of commerce, medicine and government. The services of a professional over-the-phone interpreter are not replicable by even the most well meaning amateurs. It’s important to remember that by hiring a professional, you are ensuring the security and clarity of an important conversation.

Talking With Your Legal Counsel

Conversations with your attorneys have high stakes, and it’s crucial that you understand each other. If you’re working with attorneys who operate in a language other than your native tongue, even if you consider yourself fluent, it’s a good idea to have a professional over-the-phone interpreter handling all of your calls.

Legal work is a language of its own. It involves highly technical terminology that even native language speakers might not fully understand. The slightest differences between words can have a great impact on your future. You want the best legal service you can afford, so make sure you support it with a professional over-the-phone interpreter!

Calling Your Doctor or the ER

Nowhere is fluid, flawless communication more critical than in emergency medical situations. A study for the Annals of Emergency Medicine showed that using a friend, family member, or other non-professional interpreter in an ER setting can double your chances of a clinical error. Because of this, some hospitals provide translation services, like an over-the-phone interpreter.

If you’re in a medical situation that requires phone conversations with your doctor, pharmacist, or the ER, make sure that you have a profession over-the-phone interpreter looking out for your safety. Like legal jargon, medical language is highly technical, and requires a special set of expertise. A medical translator is trained not only in language, but in the medical terminology. They can help you understand specific and critical instructions from the medical professionals who save lives.

Conducting Global Business

Learning languages is a lot of fun. It’s also a great way to improve your cognitive abilities, leadership skills, and to open your mind to foreign worldviews. But when your company is doing business internationally, you can’t be bothered learning every language on Earth. Nor can you leave room for costly translation mistakes. Whether you’re bartering for Saudi oil or negotiating with a manufacturer in China, you need to be sure that communication is smooth and flawless.

An over-the-phone interpreter can be your company’s greatest asset. Their professional demeanor and transparency will help you communicate your message to your clients, colleagues and partners.

Hiring an Over-the-Phone Interpreter

When phone conversations don’t matter, you don’t need to make sure every idea is delivered intact. But you have some very important conversations. And during those times, you want to make sure you have someone in your corner with the professional expertise to facilitate impeccable communication. When it comes to high stakes legal calls, medical communications, or international business relations, do yourself and those counting on you a favor. Hire a professional over-the-phone interpreter to make sure the job is done right.

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Brian Oaster is a Content Writer at interpretation services provider Day Translations. He has worked all over the world as an arts educator, English teacher, basket exporter, rare book dealer, fortune teller, and as the first mate of a private sailing yacht. Educated in the visual arts and an avid reader of news and literature, his focus is on international arts and culture, world religions and global politics. Follow him on Twitter @brianoaster.



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