How does the portuguese proofreading service work?

Within a translation company the portuguese translation service and a proofreading service are fundamental, after all, it is responsible for ensuring the quality of the work done, avoiding any mistake or misconception in the translated material.
As the company is responsible for translating different types of documents whether corporate or personal, it is of great importance that the file is carefully analyzed so that no information is lost or mistranslated.
Therefore, the translation companies that are really committed carry out a revision of the text when the translator finishes the work.

Understand how the proofreading service is done in a portuguese translation company

Basically, the review works as follows: after the responsible translator for the task finishes the translation of the document it is forwarded to another expert. It is this professional who will be responsible for reading the document and checking for items such as spelling, cohesion, coherence, etc.
In addition to analyzing if the terms used in the translation are correct and the information transmitted is in accordance with the original text.
Thus, as important as a well-executed translation is a quality text review. Thus, possible errors are corrected and the material is delivered with quality to the customer.

Do all translation companies perform proofreading?

When translating any type of document or material it is important to check if the company offers the proofreading of the material before to deliver the work. For not all companies care about this process, but it is essential for the final quality of the translation.
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