500 Satisfied Clients

200 Specialized Translators

10.000 Projects delivered

The key to our success


Know-How of the international Market

With more than 900 million words translated annually since 2010 and clients worldwide, Magma Translation is proud to say that it’s the fastest growing company in Brazil working on small and big projects.

Specialties of our Translators


All our specialized translators have a solid educational background and are chosen on the basis of rigorous selection criteria. They also undergo continuous evaluation processes. That’s how we can guarantee the highest quality of translations in any language.


Dedicated Project Management


Our dedicated project management is performed with thorough quality control. They are professionals with in-depth knowledge about translation and applied technologies. They make the link between translators and clients, ensuring the speed and quality of the projects.

Magma Translation is an experienced translation company with customers worldwide and the ability to translate in all modern languages

Adaptation to markets

We have professionals spread around the world who understand the markets where the products are inserted, guaranteeing a perfect vocabulary & textual adaptation by areas and target audience.

 900 million words translated per year

200 specialized translators worldwide

1000 projects carried out in the last semester


Our biggest goal is to connect businesses to the global marketplace by breaking down communication barriers. Magma enables these companies to communicate in the local languages of their customers, employees, partners and distributors in an efficient and dynamic way.

Take your online presence worldwide with Magma´s website translation and localisation services