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How will the translation market be affected in the post-pandemic period?

Currently, the situation of the translation market is ambivalent.

This means that everything will depend on the company, its location, and its response to the current scenario.

Businesses that have had the chance to organize their entire work process effectively and remotely can be considered at the top of success.

This is because the whole world is carrying out its functions in each scenario, which strongly contributes to the development of the entertainment market offered on the internet.

Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, for example, were some of the companies that experienced a significant increase in the number of customers.

This scenario ultimately leads to the need for more content to be published.

And this means excellent news for the translation market, as your service will be more sought after and your work will be more easily organized remotely.

Increase in contents translated into Chinese

The Chinese translator will be the professional sought in a special way.

What is the reason for this projection?

This is due to the large gap formed in the economy during the pandemic.

This is because China has been recovering in recent months with the aim of quickly regaining its main position as the global producer and exporter country.

Another reason is the exchange of experiences focused on combating COVID-19 and treating patients.

With this, the exchange of information ends up being driven among researchers in the fields of health, immunology, virology, etc.

Thus, medical translators can expect a high demand in the translation market.

Considering the fact that there are not many translators, experts in these disciplines now find an excellent opportunity to expand their range of skills in order to meet the high demand.

Translation market today and in the future

See below a list of other services that will have a high demand in the translation market after the pandemic period.

1. Document translator

This kind of translation has always been popular. However, nowadays, the demand for sworn translation services has increased.

This translation refers to government documents, as well as information provided by non-governmental organizations, such as the WHO.

In addition, the near future will force companies to seek new business partnerships, as well as expand the amount of services and goods provided, which signals an increase in new agreements and commercial contracts.

2. Marketing area translation

Due to quarantine, most people are confined inside their homes, only going out when absolutely necessary.

Many restaurants, cafes, and other establishments need to look for new ways to reach consumers.

Therefore, e-commerce and other types of online services are growing and in need of advertising.

Entrepreneurs are in the pursuit of reaching more customers, so they need to rely on the support of the most effective marketing translation services.

3. Medical area translation

As you know, COVID-19 is a disease caused by a virus, which is still being studied today.

Doctors and researchers are now producing studies in shorter times, many of which are essential to combat the coronavirus.

The global health sector needs to be constantly informed about any discoveries that have been made in relation to the new virus.

With this, the solutions to prevent the disease from spreading are found more quickly and effectively.

Consequently, the medical translation market has heated up a lot lately and the trend is for it to stay that way in the future.

Translators are professionals capable, in this case, of disseminating the understanding of important medical articles and research in various languages.

How has the translator’s routine changed?

Fortunately, the service provided by the translator is very flexible, making it possible to work even during the pandemic.

With the internet, it is very easy to get in touch with your customers, whether through Skype, Zoom, etc.

However, for the translator who is not used to working from home, the challenge may be a bit greater.

Any task that involves writing requires a lot of concentration and a comfortable workspace.

To ensure that this professional stays productive in remote work, it is important that they consider the following tips:

  • Elaboration of a schedule: the time allocated for work must be distributed appropriately and have certain limits. It is much easier for the translator to organize their work when their routine is based on a clear and objective schedule;
  • Definition of deadlines: regardless of the project size, it must be divided into stages. Thus, it is essential that planning be done correctly in order for the workflow to proceed normally. For this reason, it is important that the translator sets their deadlines in a healthy and efficient manner.
  • Elimination of multitasking: it is essential, moreover, that the translator eliminates the moments where several tasks are performed simultaneously. Thus, it is important that each function is done in its time, ensuring more effectiveness and productivity.

Positive projections for the post-pandemic period

In general, it can be said that the projections for the future are positive.

Even though covid is not a disease that will remain in society forever, it is certain that its effects will be long-lasting in the way translation professionals will operate in the future.

In order for the translation market to continue evolving and demonstrating its experience and value, it is necessary that professionals and organizations be more flexible and capable of always meeting the growing demand present in the digital world.


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