Translation in the automotive sector: how to obtain these benefits through a translation agency



Check out in this content how the translation agency can positively impact the automotive sector through a qualified technical translation.

A translation agency is able to bring various benefits to the most diverse sectors of the economy, especially for the automotive sector. But, what do you mean?

With the exponential growth of the sector projected for the post-pandemic period, companies will have to create mechanisms to spread their brands on a global level.

And as it is known, the automotive sector is known for having a series of technical and specific terms, which requires quality work from translation companies, so that the information can be disseminated worldwide, in various languages.

This content was prepared with the goal of showing you a complete overview of the various benefits that the translation service provides for this highly active sector of the global economy.

So, be sure to check out this article until the end to stay up to date on the subject. Enjoy the reading!

The growth of the automotive sector and the high demand for the translation agency

It is certain that the pandemic has brought several impacts to the global economic scenario, affecting various business sectors.

However, the studies developed by the medical sector are already able to project a light at the end of the tunnel.

As the routine of millions of people gradually returns to normal, as much as possible, some economic sectors have also experienced a significant improvement in their production and sales chain.

One of the segments that has a good outlook is precisely the automotive sector, which, according to statistics, closed the first half of 2021 with an increase of approximately 40%.

And the forecast is that these numbers will follow an increasing trend from now on, with the market heating up more and more.

The truck segment, for example, has shown excellent growth throughout this year.

With this, automotive technical translation also tends to grow.

It is worth noting that the automotive sector is one of the most globalized in the world.

Thus, different types of languages are always present, ranging from manufacturing, advertising, and extending to customer relations.

In this way, the quality translation carried out by a translation agency is of utmost importance.

Benefits that a translation agency can provide for the automotive sector

Check out the following 5 main benefits that automotive translation can bring to this sector.

It is worth noting that each benefit is related to a stage of action in the segment.

1. Translation in the design stage

In the first stage, we have the car design.

Usually, at this stage the hired team consists of several individuals from various nationalities and with different specializations and talents.

In this way, it is essential that they create an efficient dialogue bridge in order to reach a more suitable concept or vision for the vehicle project.

Therefore, the translation agency can facilitate this communication efficiently through a qualified technical translation.

This is because it is a stage that necessarily requires dialogue, and translation service is essential.

2. Translation in the manufacturing phase

In order for the vehicle to be properly produced, it is necessary for automotive translation to be present in the various documents that are sent to those responsible for the production line.

This is because new guidelines are constantly emerging.

In these cases, it is necessary for the instructions to be very clear and objective.

Therefore, each of the professionals needs the technical documents to be translated efficiently into their respective language.

3. Translation in the user manuals stage

It is no surprise that car safety features are of extreme importance, both for the user and the company.

However, it is essential to clarify that no vehicle is 100% safe, even if the recommendations directed to drivers are clear and the innovations in safety issues are increasingly improving.

Therefore, the automotive translation service plays a crucial role in relation to user manuals.

That’s because the translation agency will provide assistance in case of any problems, regardless of where in the world the driver is located.

4. Translation in the marketing phase

Just as it happens in any market, advertising and marketing are a phase of extreme importance for the expansion of the business at a global level.

However, as already mentioned, the automotive sector is highly globalized and this fact must be taken into account by companies.

This is because each country may face different demands in relation to the same brand.

As an example, even if the company is present all around the world, it is subject to different people with their respective cultures.

In this way, automotive preferences and requirements end up differentiating themselves.

Thus, the strategies developed for marketing in each country must be adapted with maximum efficiency.

And this is only possible through a qualified and professional automotive translation, in order to incorporate the culture of the consumer audience.

Consequently, the strategy will be able to reach the people of a certain nation with the greatest possible assertiveness.

5. Translation during the customer service and support phase

When the potential customer decides to buy a vehicle, it is common for companies to think that the purchasing journey has ended.

However, this is a mistake that must be avoided as much as possible.

The truth is that this journey has just begun.

Thus, it is necessary that customer service and support after the purchase of the vehicle be efficient, in order to promptly meet the consumer’s needs.

In this way, automotive translation becomes essential, as it has the ability to satisfy the customer, regardless of the country in which they are located.


As you can see, automotive translation is of utmost importance for this sector, even more so from now on, as the market will heat up more and more every day.

With this, it becomes essential to rely on the qualified service of a translation agency in all automotive stages.


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