5 benefits of hiring a translation company


There are many benefits to working with a professional technical translation company. To start, the number one priority of a translation agency is to make your brand global. If you want to expand and connect with customers outside of your country, taking your current success to the world, it is important to understand the importance of professional translation services, because without it your goals may not materialize.

In 2016, the internet was used by 3.2 billion people, almost half of the world's population. The translation of your marketing material, website translation, and legal translation, for example, has become a factor of extreme importance for achieving global success. Now, entrusting your goals to a freelance technical translator or your employees may not be a good idea. Here are five reasons that will help you understand why hiring a company that understands everything about content globalization is a good idea:

A technical translation company provides website translation.

Preparing your company to be found globally means much more than translating your website as a copy of the original content. Professional translation service also includes localization, which means modifying the design and content according to the needs of 'local' customers, wherever they may be. If your customers are in the United States, then your translation agency will place translators who live there and have English as their native language. On the other hand, your agency understands that multimedia components, graphics, banners, etc. must be culturally adapted for your new audience, making the content resonate naturally with the specific country's customer.

Think of it this way - a freelance technical translator may be able to handle the technical translation, but a professional translation agency can break through the necessary business barriers to reach the culture of clients in other countries.

They are like marketing tools

Translating websites and translating various documents for global consumption is a necessity, but relying on a technical translation company to take care of your needs is a definitive tool.

This translation agency not only has the knowledge and experience with the global markets where you intend to enter, but it also understands the culture, the technology, and has worked on similar projects before. You don't need to worry about an unsuccessful marketing campaign in another country; with a professional translation company, everything will seem perfectly prepared for global consumption.

A professional translation agency can confidently globalize your brand.

Translating your content into English or Spanish will give your business a professional appearance, while also providing a global appeal. By doing so, your translation agency can bring trust to your brand, which can significantly increase your revenue. Your global consumers will feel secure and comfortable with your company and its products and services when they are translated into their local culture. When consumers are happy and valued by a company, they are more inclined to work with you and use your services. A survey conducted by the consulting firm KPMG indicates that companies translating their content to communicate and expand their customer base are 2.67 times more likely to increase their revenue. Website translation is a way to achieve this.


Translation companies offer the best cost-benefit and are consistent.

Consistency is a key factor in translating your products and services. With a professional technical translation company, the translators are native speakers of each language to be translated, and are located in the countries where you want to do business. They understand all cultural and idiomatic changes and maintain the same tone of voice necessary for the audience to feel comfortable with the content. A professional technical translation agency will also work with software that assists in translation, helping the translator to always use the same vocabulary in all translations, thus maintaining the necessary consistency over the years. This ensures that your customers always have an experience faithful to your brand.

Your translation partner company covers all aspects of your business.

Translating and localizing your products and services is much more than simply copying websites. Using the professional technical translation service of an agency means adapting your content for mobile devices. You don't need to hire different freelancers to reach different types of media, but instead have everything you need to be found on Google, on mobile, and by clients around the world in one agency.

The quality that you will achieve with a technical translation company can make the difference between the failure and the success of your company abroad.