Each word
expertly adapted

Reach the world through our captioning and multilingual subtitling service


Find the right words

Wherever in the world your content is watched, video captioning and subtitling makes sure your voice is understood exactly the way you intended for each audience.

We offer video captioning and subtitling services adapted to your requirements, allowing you to reach a wider audience with your video content.

Our language specialists caption or subtitle your video content to ensure your message is clear and using language the audience understands, employing your tone and specific terminology.

Captions and subtitles on social media

Did you know that 85% of Facebook users watch video content without sound?

If your social media videos are not captioned or subtitled, it's probably time to review your digital strategy.

Multilingual subtitles increase your reach on all the leading social media platforms. They also help reduce production costs, since there's no need to reshoot or reproduce the video for each market.

We provide captions and subtitles on all the leading social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.


The right call

Whether or not a joke lands or tension is picked up at a certain point all depends on the right creative decision. Our captioning and subtitling team is able to capture the touching, hilarious and impressive moments of the original. Every time.

Humor is authentically translated to suit the local culture

Language perfectly handled to deliver the right experience

Always in accordance with local customs

Make sure your team is getting the right message

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that internal communication and video content are effectively delivered to all the employees of any multinational company.

If your content is complex or your staff isn’t fluent in the spoken language, captioning provided in simple language offers the viewer a toned down transcript of the dialog in the original language, while subtitling offers the transcript translated into the viewer’s native tongue.

Product demos and sales videos

With video marketing consistently classified as the best way to showcase your products, it’s critical that your videos are understood by a global audience.

Through our subtitling service, we expertly translate your videos using your tone and terminology. We then create captioned or subtitled content that reaches a wider audience, more efficiently delivering your message.

Web accessibility with captioning and subtitling

Make sure no one is left out when it comes to content on your website. Comprehension should never be jeopardized through language or a disability. Important online information must be accessible to all, regardless of the native language or learning requirements.

Specialized captioning and subtitling means that crucial information is understood by everyone, which increases your potential audience.