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Without the support of Magma Translation, our journey of expansion and globalization would not have been successful, taking into account the competence of its team.

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    We really liked it.

    Magma is an excellent translation company that helped me with projects I had in the United States. I recommend.

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    Third year of partnership

    We have been with Magma since 2021, we are now entering the third year of partnership and we are expanding to other countries

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    Satisfied with the translation into Chinese

    This translation service from Magma came at the right time. They not only translated, but also advised us a lot!

    Ngin Chen

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    Very fast

    I wanted to recommend this company for the speed at which they resolved our translation!

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    I will hire again

    Concise, professional work. They quickly adapted to changes.

    Ana Ausnitz

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    Excellent translation into German

    The German Office of Magma solved all the issues with our website translation to Chinese. I recommend.

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    Serious translation agency

    For us, the most important thing was data security. Magma signed a confidentiality agreement, used protection technologies, and delivered an excellent job.

    Yuna E