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More than just Translation

A common mistake to avoid during the website localization process is to consider that the translated content is just another edition of the pages in the source language. The translation itself is not the main focus. In fact, for the user or his client, it’s more about the content, whether it is understandable and relevant and if it is in accordance with its cultural context. In this post, this tricky topic will be eased up so you don’t get lost in translation while increasing your website localization.


The cultural context is the main focus during the Website Localization process

The plan to expand the business to other markets should always be accompanied by detailed research done in advance. The website localization of your company is an important decision that affects your performance and business goals in those markets. Before locating content, having consulted with professional service providers in this regard, you can better determine the target audience and verify that your product meets local standards and is in accordance with the main cultural values of the audience. Understanding the fundamental differences in customs and habits between nations and cultures is extremely important.

On any kind of software localization project, what you note and see in other languages is the result of close integration between localization programmers and specialists.

If you plan to include any new language in your site it is critical to include the IT team in the process. Especially when it comes to creating a system for new content and website maintenance. If you don’t include IT staff in the process, you will encounter the following problems:

Inability to decide how to display the default language
Display your content in a right-to-left layout
Not-knowing how much space is required to display content in different languages
Display the special characters and select the correct encoding for them, such as UTF-8
Display the first and last name correctly according to the local culture
Delete any encoding related to currencies and dates
Display the right calendar by location

The most basic rule is to automatically display content in the user’s own language when it is available.

If you want to obtain more information about the localization process of your site and need professional consultations and high-level services, Magma, being one of the pioneers in the field, we’re here to give you expert guidance.



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