A more fluid and productive workflow

Establish integrated and transparent communication anywhere


Simplifying your work at a reduced cost coupled with an optimized time to market are the core goal of our project management service. We employ a technological ecosystem to attain these goals.


Collaboration from start to finish

We believe that the best outcomes result from the best partnerships. Eliminate time-consuming task from your daily routine, including the creation, management and implementation of global content by centralizing processes with a Project Manager.

With keen insight into the sector and your necessities, your manager will be responsible for delivering the automation and efficiency you require.

Add value to your business with Project Management from Magma Translation

Human resource optimization

No need to allocate internal staff to the project.

Faster time to market

Intelligent project design fostering modern creation, execution and publication.


The Magma Ecosystem is a cutting-edge technology suite far ahead of the pack when it comes to localization.

With the Magma Platform, you easily manage and monitor your projects, without the need to exchange e-mails and files. Through advanced AI, your artificial language is trained by specialists. Through Magma localization technology, you can localize your online platform without the need for integration, reducing costs and time to market.

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