Why do global companies seek international business translation services


Becoming global has always raise lots of linguistic barriers.  Dealing with those barriers may even cause a business corporation to collapse.  For this reason, global corporations look for international translation companies to deal with all necessary issues to run their business, from legal documents to training manuals for website’s content.


But not all translation companies offer the same service level.


Many global electric utilities have analyzed their patent translation costs and website localization so they could see how much of their budget they have been investing and they wondered how they can reduce costs but not that amount of translations.  Reducing translation can dramatically affect the company growth and you don’t want to talk about cutting costs if that may risk the company expansion.


Conflicting problems in international companies


In many case studies, some of them involving companies like Fortune 500, Magma identified some negative common points experienced by multinationals companies, when asking for corporate translation services.


  1. Non-uniform and decentralized translation without a single point of contract

  2. No terminology management

  3. High rates

  4. High risk of errors

  5. Lack of advanced technological solutions

  6. Difficulty in recruiting translators with the necessary experience


How does Magma overcome international translations challenges?


For almost 30 years, Magma offered high quality translations for the most technical and vital documents to corporations in more than 100 different languages.  We’re the international translation company that meet legal and technical needs of the most demanding companies in the world.


We offer translation corporate solutions through our centered exclusive translation model.  The fundamental elements of our exclusive model are:


  1. Centered process.  Magma provides a single point of contact for all its translation projects.  This simplifies translations response time and reduces costs and error risks and delays.

  2. Specialized translators. Magma is proud of our translator team quality.  We make sure that all hands that touch your translation project are intimately familiar with the subject matter of the industry.

  3. Advanced technology. Using our own terminology management software and top translation memory, our translators can take advantage of past translations to shorten translation time  and improve those translation quality.

  4. Quality controls. Magma looks at the world’s top certifications and metrics in order to maintain our high standards of corporate translation services.


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