Is the automatic translator reliable?


With the advancement of technology and the internet increasingly present in our daily routine, it has become normal to find news and solutions to make our day-to-day more practical.One of the options presented as a solution is the automatic translator, the best known being Google Translate. But is the automatic translator reliable? For some people, yes (population in general), this is a reliable option, but for professionals who understand the importance of a translation, it is not. Automatic translator or translation company? We can say that in a way an automatic translator is very effective for our day-to-day, however, its use is indicated for small translations as for example, have a question answered about words or terms, in other words, it is not indicated for a complex and detailed portuguese translation.Undoubtedly, Google Translate is increasingly evolving as with other types of automatic translators. It is a tool, so it needs to be powered by translation data that has already been translated and the algorithms make the “selection” of the best options.With these features, this tool is a great choice for non-professional translations. Documents, websites, software, manuals, among others, need to be translated by specialized professionals, which can be found in translation companies.

What is the advantage of looking for a portuguese translation company?

 The search for a translation company can occur for several reasons since this type of company offers different options of translation services, such as sworn translation, technical translation, simple translation, website translation, simultaneous interpreting, among others.Each of these services must be performed by professionals who have fluency in the language that you want the translation to be carried out besides knowledge about areas of performance. A good example to be cited is the sworn translation. For documents to have validity in other countries they will have to undergo a sworn translation.Automatic translators are very useful for day-to-day, but only for minor translations. For translations that have technical terms in their context it is fundamental to look for a translation company.For more information contact Magma Translation. The company offers several translation service options, all made by specialized professionals and fluent in different languages.


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