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The Brazilian law requires the translation of foreign language documents for that these documents can be valid in the country.  This type of translation is known as sworn translation and can be done in different types of documents.In a foreign country, the translation of documents is requested for different purposes, for example, to obtain a permanent visa or citizenship it is necessary to have personal documents translated in the language of the destination country, so the search for the sworn translation service becomes more and more common.

What is sworn translation of documents?

 The sworn translation is the translation of different types of official documents, which can only be done by a qualified expert also known as public translator.This type of translation is very different from a common translation since an official document must be translated with a detailed work and each term must be translated in a formally and easily understood.This kind of translation is commonly done in identification documents and education that must be presented in legal proceedings etc. The most common documents are passports, death certificates, birth certificates, worker’s record book, diplomas, powers of attorney, driver’s license, national ID card, Social Security Card, among others. 

Why is it necessary to perform the portuguese translation service with a specialist?

 Documents that require a sworn translation are composed of several complex terms and only a specialist will be able to translate them correctly into a foreign language.A trustworthy company that offers the document translation services must have a duly certified sworn translator registered with the Trade Board.Magma Translation works with qualified professionals who perform different translation services, besides being proficient in different languages such as English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Korean, Arabic, Mandarin, among others.For more information, contact the Magma team and request your budget.We have special offers for your portuguese translation needs!


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