How to improve your Localization strategy


What differentiates a company that only does business globally and the company that has achieved a successful and lasting growth? It’s Localization strategy. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to improve your localization strategy and make sure that your business will be successful.  

  1. Local contracting

No one can know a certain culture better than a local person. Look for local experts in your target market, whether in the form of agencies, employees or business partners. In this way, you will have a team that will ensure a more localized, accurate and enriched experience for your users. This is probably the most significant element of any business localization strategy. Also, take the feedback from the country to heart. Getting prepared in advance is necessary to ensure that you are aware of the dynamics, competitors, channels and promotional strategies of the local markets.Sometimes the marketing and content tactics you apply in one country do not work in another. 

  1. Keep in mind: be memorable

 When your target market hears about your brand, what characteristics do they associate with it? Do they think of quality, ease of use and reliability? A good localization service must be memorable.Perhaps you have established a great brand in your home country, but how to convey that identity to other markets? You must work to develop a strong image from the beginning. If you effectively and clearly define your brand, your colors, your style and your personality, your potential customers will think first about your brand when comparing it with your competitors.However, keep in mind that every market is diverse, even the name of your brand may have a different meaning in another language. 

  1. Translation is not enough – Localization is just as important

To be a localization specialist, your business must be tailored to the culture of every individual in your target market. As stated by Uber founder Travis Kalanick, each city has its identity, density, transportation weaknesses, regulations and even its transportation standards.Indeed, knowledge of the local market is extremely important to a company and its localization strategy

  1. The language of marketing should be as global as your business.

An often neglected benefit of localization is that it transforms your market position strategy and increases your brand identity in the target market. As you evolve your localization strategy, you should evolve your brand marketing strategy as well.Almost all businesses start out as a company that attends to a home or local market, however, as they move up into international markets, there is a need to change their marketing language to establish and show themselves in an international market. We at Magma offer quality localization services to ensure the success of your company. Get in touch with our team and expand your markets. 


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