Portuguese translation services On the 2016 Olympics


Rio de Janeiro anxiously awaits for the 268 days remaining until the start of the 2016 Summer Olympics. It will be a great celebration for the people around the world.            It will also be an important time for good business.  Several companies from around the globe will be in Brazil and in that moment the portuguese translation services gains importance and a relevant growth is expected in the Brazilian translation market.World-Wide companies will need portuguese translation services for distinct sectors, for their presentations, trade fairs, equipment, manuals, among others.As the most demanded language, English is practically the official language.  It is estimated that at least 80% of the volume of translation and interpretation projects provided in the Brazilian market has English as source or target language.  Other languages like German, French, Spanish and Italian will also be in great demand in the portuguese translation service for the 2016 Olympics.Another area that will need the work of translators is the press.  Rio de Janeiro is expected to receive around 10,000 journalists, according to data from the International Olympic Committee, the IOC. These communication professionals will need various translation services like technical translation and interpretation.  It is noticed a great growth in the interest, not only in the sport, but in the institutions and the Brazilian culture. Many global media companies prefer to pay for news stories and news produced by Brazilian journalists, and with this, a new niche is born in the translation market and for the translation agencies.Furthermore, the city expects to receive approximately 500,000 tourists during the period of the Olympic Games, which begins in August 2016. This influx of foreign tourists will also force Brazilian companies, mainly from services, to offer information in several languages.The translation services will have with the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a great opportunity to reaffirm itself as an important service for the city. 


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