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Portuguese translation services are becoming increasingly sought after, due to the current need to communicate in other languages. The search for translations is common, and even free services can be found. But are these services of quality?An effective translation goes far beyond the literal translation of the text. In order to have a content translated with quality, it is fundamental that a translation occurs according to context and culture, as well as the correct translation of the technical terms present in the text.Types of translation servicesTranslation services must be carried out by specialized professionals, who have knowledge about the content being translated and only an experienced company with a team of professionals can perform an efficient and quality translation.A reliable translation company usually offers different types of services to meet the needs of customers, such as:

  • Simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation;
  • Technical translation;
  • Website localization ;
  • Software localization;
  • Transcription;
  • Certified translation;
  • Proofread, among others.

Be it for the translation of corporate documents, identification documents or a website, it is vital to look for a reliable translation service. With these types of services your content will be easily understood in different languages.Reliable portuguese translation service companyThe translation service should be concise and error-free. In addition, it must be done quickly, therefore it is very important to look for a company that performs high-quality services within the agreed time.Magma Translation is a translation services company that has been in the market for years, offering excellent translation services. Each area has its own needs and vocabulary, due to this, the company has a team of professionals who, in addition to being fluent in several languages have knowledge in different types of performance , such as pharmaceutical, mining, administration, agriculture and livestock, civil construction, industry, advertising and marketing, among others.For more information, contact the Magma team. Request your budget now and have your content translated by professionals with extensive technical knowledge.


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