Specialization according to Alexandra Liashchenko



1) Why do you specialize? What are the benefits and drawbacksof this approach?

I specialize in IT/Software, business, economy, finances, legal, agriculture and documentation expertise, localization and post -editing translation, subtitling, medicine, technical, literary translation

2) Do you feel that marketing yourself as a specialist allows you to charge higher rates?

I believe that marketing will enable me to get my foot in the door, to be noticed. It does not matter it will or it won’t – professionalism and compromise play the major role in that context- I am always open for negotiating and discussing terms.

3) How and why did you select your specialist field(s)?

Market, demand and my interest did that for the most part  – unfortunately life does not ask you why, life and market demands and commission for you to translate what is needed for clients. On that road, I was learning new technologies, gaining new experience and that process plus income played their solo part. Now it is part of my resume and profile and I am proud of that.

4) How would you go about adding another specialist area?

I would be most happy about gripping that opportunity – learning and mastering new things, ways, technologies means your growing-professional and personal and even spiritual.

Alexandra Liashchenko:

Russian/Ukrainian from and into English professional translator, experienced subtitler, ardent poet and inspired publisher on Amazon. Lecturer and tutor (supervisor) in Theory and Practice of Translation and the English language Teacher at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko UniversityPost graduate at the Department of Translation from the English language at Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.

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