Specialization according to Kostantina Πύργα


 agência de tradução  

1) Why do you specialise? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this approach?

I love foreign languages so I give exams and I succeed to pass to this university department .In the start I wanted to study English literature. When I went to university I realized that I like this field of studies and that is very interesting .Moreover is better nowadays to be specialized because you have specific things to study and to work on .Except this my field of studies(economics ,trade and international trade, management, intercultural communication ect.)  is in our daily life as there are constantly new economic developments and of course do not forget the European Union which needs  every day new translation service providers and interpreters. The drawbacks are that you need to follow the timeliness and not be complacent but also to continuously trained in.

2) Do you feel that marketing yourself as a specialist allows you/would allow you to charge higher rates?

Everyone  of its kind ,so no one cannot do better the job than a specialist, that is  need to be paid of course. As a specialist I think that I can charge  higher rates but in reasonably.

3) How and why did you select your specialist field(s)?

As I said before I chose this department  because included foreign languages. The  specialization was obligatory but even if I could turn the time back I would choose the same specialization .I strongly believe that is the language specialization of the future .

 4) How would you go about adding another specialist area?

I would love to add more specialization fields and more languages. Moreover except translation I would like to be an interpreter .I think to do a master on interpreting and maybe another bachelor to the University of Corfu in the Department  of Translation Studies where is been taught a variety of languages and specialization areas


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