The myths and truths of the certified translation

The certified portuguese translation service is used so that a document issued in a foreign language have validity in Brazil. It is also necessary for documents issued in the country to have validity abroad.

This type of translation has become increasingly common, since Brazilians are traveling more to other countries, mainly for work and study. Learn more about this type of translation by checking the myths and truths of the certified translation.


The mains myths and truths about certified portuguese translation


As in other types of translation, the certified translation is also surrounded by various myths and truths.  We set apart the main and most commented, so you can get answers to some of your questions and learn more about this type of translation.  Check it:

  • The certified translation is more expensive than the simple translation: Typically, the certified translations tend to be more expensive than the simple translation.
  • Any translator can perform a certified translation: This translation can only be done by a specialized translator certified in the function.
  • The certified translation guarantees that the documents will be accepted in other countries: Each country has its own legislation, meaning that it can have specific and completely different norms from the ones in Brazil in regards to document translations. It is very important first, to inquire if the certified translation will be valid in the country of destination.
  • The certified translation is better than the simple translation: As with the certified translation, other types of translation must also be performed by specialized professionals. There are good and bad translators available in the market, so it is very important to look for a reliable translation company that performs quality translations.


Where to get a certified translation?

To be sure the certified translation will be carried out correctly and by a trained professional, a good option is to look for a reliable translation company, known in the market for offering quality translation services.

Magma Translations is an experienced Brazilian translation company that  offers a high quality certified translation. Our team has specialized professionals that carry out different types of translations, with high quality and within the agreed terms.

For more information on this and other translation services, please contact our team.



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