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Translated millions of words with us

With this, it arrived strongly in the Brazilian, Mexican, and Argentine market.

And was it just a translation?   Of course not!

A lot of technology involved, a lot of development!

Coming to Brazil was only possible with the help of Magma. Our internationalization happened with the expertise of these people.

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Milton Santana

What we sought at Magma was cultural localization, their deep understanding of how people think in other countries.

Bruno Vidal



It was necessary to internationalize the courses on the platform.

Many subtitles, cultural understanding, another kind of project.

ZF Friedrichshafen

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Left us responsible for Latin America

Languages like German, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French are frequent.

They send us via server everything from technical texts, courses, to financial reports (imagine the trust!)

We are a German company, the largest producer of auto parts in the world. For us, trust in data security is essential.

Danielle Schmitt Capote
ZF Friedrichshafen