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European Commission’s Translation Memory ready to DOWNLOAD (updated 01.12.2022)

European Commission’s Translation Memory ready to DOWNLOAD (updated 01.12.2022)


Since November 2007, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) has made its multilingual Translation Memory for the Acquis Communautaire, DGT-TM, publicly accessible in order to support the European Commission’s efforts in promoting multilingualism, language diversity, and the re-use of Commission information.This resource contains translations of the entire body of European legislation, known as the Acquis Communautaire, into the 24 official languages of the European Union. These translations are in the form of parallel texts, also known as bi-texts, which are texts and their corresponding translations. Translation memories, which consist of small segments of text and their translations, can be used to support translators by ensuring that pieces of text do not need to be translated multiple times.Purposes of Translation Memories and Parallel TextsTranslation memories and parallel texts can be used for various purposes, such as:Training automatic systems for statistical machine translationProducing monolingual or multilingual lexical and semantic resources such as dictionaries and ontologiesTraining and testing multilingual information extraction softwareChecking translation consistency automaticallyTesting and benchmarking alignment software (for sentences, words, etc.)The DGT-TM: The Largest Parallel Corpus AvailableThe DGT-TM is the largest parallel corpus available, with a wide range of rare language pairs. It is released annually, with the alignments between text segments and translations verified manually for the 2007 version and automatically aligned for releases starting in 2011. The data is available for download and can be used to produce bilingual aligned corpora for any of the 276 language pairs or 552 language pair directions.Conditions for UseThe DGT-TM is available for free and can be used for non-commercial purposes, provided that the conditions of use are followed.

About this Translation Memory

It is a huge multilingual Translation memory from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation. The content of the TM consists of the majority of the documents comprising the Acquis Communautaire, which is the entire body of the EU legislation, i.e. regulations, treaties and directives adopted by the EU, as well as documents that are not part of the Acquis.

The DGT Translation Memory is currently available in 24 languages and accumulated 2.032.636.854 words since 2007. There are 276 language pairs and 552 language pair directions!

Although the database of DGT-TM is exclusive property of the European Commission, it is downloadable for free under specific Conditions for Use. The translation segments can be extracted in the eXchange (tmx) format. The TM is available through a collection of 75 zip files no bigger than 100 MB each, containing the tmx files.


1  –  Download the TMs: we divided the content in 5 parts, that you can download here:

2  –  Unzip the files

3 – Download the translation memory extractor HERE

4 –  Open the translation memory extractor by double clicking on the TMXtract.jar file

5  –  Select Input files (, etc.; multiple selection is possible)

6 –  Specify Output file (the result is always 1 file)

7 – Choose Source and Target language

8 – Click on Start


Some language combination examples that you can extract

From/To French Translation Service Memories to DOWNLOAD

From/To English Translation Service Memories to DOWNLOAD

From/To Spanish Translation Service Memories to DOWNLOAD

From/To Portuguese Translation Service Memories to DOWNLOAD